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Your Inside Voice

Bright Moments

Remember those bright summer afternoons when you and your friends would go rollicking through your neighborhood, chasing each other, playing kickball, jumping rope, and taunting each other with “Who’s the Best” at . . . well . . . anything and everything? Those were fun days. Sweaty days. LOUD days. Don’t-want-the-summer-to-end days.

And remember when you’d run in the house all excited, full of energy and tongue-dry and yell to anyone willing to give permission: “Can I have a soda/Cool-Aid/Capri Sun?”   Then, you’d wait for an answer to come from some nearby room, heart thumping, breathing fast, wanting the drink now, so you could go back out and play with the friends who were squealing outside your door. To push a response you’d belt out again, “Can I . . .”

“Stop screaming!” came the words, interrupting your own. “You’re in the house. Use your inside voice.” You knew then that your best bet was to settle down and get quiet if you really wanted that treat.

Your inside voice. You know you still have it, right? It’s not, though, merely that quieter sound you hear when you speak. It’s much deeper than that. It’s that very clear expression that goes beyond intuition and conscience and seems comfortably nestled around your heart. It speaks to you softly, sometimes persistently, giving you peace and direction. You can hear it when you close your eyes . . . breathe deeply and slowly . . . and point your hearing into your chest. It emerges when you close out the noise – all of it: your co-workers, your family, the world. The voice tells you what you need to know, what you long to hear. It tells you the truth, affirms your worthiness, and remains steadfast.

Use your inside voice.

When things get crazy – as they always will – slip into a quiet space and access your inside voice.

When stress or frustration or anger mount, close your eyes and retreat to your inside voice.

When you’re delivering an important message and want to make an impact, first hear your inside voice.

Your inside voice wants to speak to you, nourish your soul, and announce your greatness. Take time and listen. Your inside voice is waiting.