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This Time of Year

Bright Moments

This is a great time of year.

It is the one period during our twelve month calendar when people, in massive numbers, think rigorously about special things we can do for others.

We plan gathering after gathering with members of our tribes to laugh, play and boost one another. We change our environments to reflect glad tidings. We wish people well as we greet and depart from them. We seek occasions to do good for people we’ve never met.

It’s a great time of year . . . and one that should be sustained. As carols are tucked away and the last bit of champagne loses its fizz, those of us who lead should be thinking rigorously about the special things we can do for those who give us the honor of following and accompanying us.

We should already be instigating new celebrations for good efforts and great deeds. We should be shifting our environments to enhance our people’s successes, expressing our belief in them when we meet and our thanks to them when we depart.

Those of us who lead should be strengthening ourselves, fine tuning ourselves to embrace the wonders, blunders and opportunities that will escort the New Year. We will undoubtedly impact our tribes along with people we do not yet know.

This is a great time of year . . . to gain perspective, build ideas, rally resources and move forward. For though the calendar will return to this period twelve months from now, those who lead cannot afford to wait another year to deploy their unique sparkle and change the world for good.