Team Building

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On Team Building…

Pick me!  Pick me! We all have some memorable, childhood version of becoming a member of a team.  For some, the top drafts, the experience was exhilarating because of their key roles.  For others, there was the dread of either not being selected or being chosen by the only team left.  Some had a neutral experience – part of the middle picks where choice was still a factor.  Still others opted not to play on any team, but to perform on their own merit.

Fast forward to today’s workplace where teams are formed by business criteria and people are expected to achieve great outcomes through synergy.  Depending on their histories with teams, members join one with varied expectations and commitment.

Then, the team goes through its natural process, which necessarily includes highs and lows.  Unfortunately, if it doesn’t know how to transition each stage, especially the time when dissatisfaction is the primary mood, a now frustrated team flounders and, frequently, fails.

Our Reid Dugger team understands – and yet, is continually fascinated by – this process.  As a result, we have developed high-impact approaches that not only immediately improve team relationships and results, but that also educate members in preparation for the many teams awaiting them in the future.

Our designs:

  • Accentuate communication skills that support clear, consistent dialogue (and fun)
  • Boost brainstorming, creativity and strategic thinking (and fun)
  • Increase collaboration and the desire to excel (with fun)
  • Help members through the stages of team development (when fun is critical)
  • Structure experiences so that outcomes remain aligned with goals (while having fun)
  • Celebrate member contributions and team successes (how fun!)
  • Teach leaders to get the best from their teams  (through skill and fun)
  • Reinforce a key ingredient for high-performing teams:  having fun!

Our team building services establish a new memory around team membership:  one of accomplishment, inclusion and…no surprise…fun!

Want to talk about the fun your team can have accomplishing any range of goals?  Contact us for a free 45-minute consultation.  It will be a serious brainstorming session!