Trust:  An Assessment

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Trust: An Assessment

It’s that gut feeling;
that instinct that makes you squint your eyes ever so slightly and stare,
leaning your head faintly to the right.

You’re not so sure about that person, are you?
You’re not certain he’s telling you the truth.
There’s something more that she’s not saying.

You watch him.  You notice whether he looks away when he’s making a point,
or whether she holds her chin because she’s uncomfortable with her words.

They want your buy-in.  Your decision?  You’ll wait and see.

Trust is a powerful emotion.

Think about how well you trust the people who surround you most:
your co-workers, your boss, your partner, your family.

Are they clear about what’s right and what’s wrong and take the high road
or are they comfortable with deceit, no matter how small?

Do they take responsibility for their decisions and actions,
or do they deflect and point fingers at others?

Do they act as though they care?
For whom?  Others or themselves?

Can you count on them – and do you?
Would you be willing to take a big risk with them as your back-up?

Trust determines how much you’ll invest, doesn’t it?
It governs whether you’ll embrace them or hold them off;
whether you’ll be transparent or keep your secrets;
whether you’re even willing to show them what you have to offer.

It’s sobering to think about.
Giving them your trust is not to be taken lightly.
It’s a very big deal.

Now.  Ponder this:
You co-workers, your boss, your partner and your family
are also reading this message now and thinking about you.

How will you rate?  Have you earned their trust?

Is there something you can do today to increase it?

The upcoming Bright Ideas will offer some tips.