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Better Yet

Bright Moments

Why don’t we treat ourselves better?
(Uh oh. This isn’t like most Bright Moments. Are you ready?)

Even when we know that an action will make our day, change our circumstance or achieve our goal, we sit there, thinking about all of its merits and opportunities, ins and outs, and yet still do nothing.

What’s that about?

Are we so convinced that even if we try, we’ll fail and be right back in the same place? Are we just tired of making the effort and wish, instead, that a miracle will plop what we want in our laps?

Well, until the miracle arrives, here are some things you can do. Warning: You might not like these recommendations. They’re pretty frank.

  • Quit allowing yourself to feel pitiful. It doesn’t look well on you, work well for you or help you move the dime.
  • Figure out what the real issue is . . . and don’t lull yourself into believing it’s all that stuff that you’ve been telling others. You know: the I don’t have…, the They didn’t tell me . . . , the I don’t know where to get . . . . All that may be true, but it’s not the truth of your lack of action.

Yikes! Can’t I get a break?

You can. And you can give it to yourself. You can admit that:  I’m afraid . . . I’m not confident . . . It’s so hard . . . I don’t think I deserve . . . I’m at wit’s end.  From here – from the truth – you automatically get a fighting chance to achieve your goal. You can look at your fear and identify a tiny step you’ll take toward facing it . . . and then another tiny step. You can determine why you lack confidence and confidently tell yourself that what you need is already within you. It really is. You can acknowledge what’s hard and then break the process into manageable little pieces to get through it all. There is a path. You can admit that you don’t know it all – or much at all, if that’s the case – and seek your guru and ask for help.

You see, here’s the deal. We all experience what you’re going through. Does that make it easier in your mind? Perhaps not. What it does do, though, is let you know that somebody you know has felt what you feel and overcome it. They might have a word or two of wisdom for you.

First, though, you have to decide to treat yourself better than you have to-date. Better than you’ve felt you’ve earned. Better than someone told you that you deserved. Better than you’ve imagined. And guess what the real, fabulous, wonderful miracle will be?

On all levels, you will be better yet.

Your Inside Voice

Bright Moments

Remember those bright summer afternoons when you and your friends would go rollicking through your neighborhood, chasing each other, playing kickball, jumping rope, and taunting each other with “Who’s the Best” at . . . well . . . anything and everything? Those were fun days. Sweaty days. LOUD days. Don’t-want-the-summer-to-end days.

And remember when you’d run in the house all excited, full of energy and tongue-dry and yell to anyone willing to give permission: “Can I have a soda/Cool-Aid/Capri Sun?”   Then, you’d wait for an answer to come from some nearby room, heart thumping, breathing fast, wanting the drink now, so you could go back out and play with the friends who were squealing outside your door. To push a response you’d belt out again, “Can I . . .”

“Stop screaming!” came the words, interrupting your own. “You’re in the house. Use your inside voice.” You knew then that your best bet was to settle down and get quiet if you really wanted that treat.

Your inside voice. You know you still have it, right? It’s not, though, merely that quieter sound you hear when you speak. It’s much deeper than that. It’s that very clear expression that goes beyond intuition and conscience and seems comfortably nestled around your heart. It speaks to you softly, sometimes persistently, giving you peace and direction. You can hear it when you close your eyes . . . breathe deeply and slowly . . . and point your hearing into your chest. It emerges when you close out the noise – all of it: your co-workers, your family, the world. The voice tells you what you need to know, what you long to hear. It tells you the truth, affirms your worthiness, and remains steadfast.

Use your inside voice.

When things get crazy – as they always will – slip into a quiet space and access your inside voice.

When stress or frustration or anger mount, close your eyes and retreat to your inside voice.

When you’re delivering an important message and want to make an impact, first hear your inside voice.

Your inside voice wants to speak to you, nourish your soul, and announce your greatness. Take time and listen. Your inside voice is waiting.

Love Yourself

Bright Moments

We spend a lot of time wondering what others think of us.

So, to increase the odds that “they” will like us,

We tweak ourselves to be more of what we imagine they want us to be:
Smarter, funnier, more aggressive, less aggressive, neater, less talkative, more
attentive, taller, thinner, more sophisticated, less loud, something we’re not,
something we wish we actually could be.

It’s all so tempting to try because we long to be embraced by people who are important to us . . . at work, at home, wherever.

It’s also exhausting because we long to be embraced by people who are important to us . . . without having to change.

If that’s the case, why not start with yourself? Can you embrace yourself just as you are?

Can you love your heart, your thoughts, your flaws, your joys, your skills, your quirks and your sanctifications? Can you appreciate them; laugh at them; study, promote and respect them? They, after all, are what make you both intriguing and attractive.

You are wonderfully made, just as you are. You are powerfully connected, just as you are. You are an inspiration, an enigma and a treasure, just as you are. Love yourself, just as you are.


Year of Expectation

Bright Moments

A year stands in front of you:  fresh, expectant and alive.
It’s ready to produce things that have never been,
Eager to sponsor risks that have yet to be taken.

So, what will you do with your year?

Abandon, for the moment, your promises to exercise more, eat better and play harder.
Do those things but put thoughts of them aside for now.

Instead, focus on what will make your spirit soar and your heart pound.
What will make you know that you’re living a worthwhile life?
What will leave you confident that you stepped up, performed passionately and landed with impact?

It’s already in you.
You just have to give it permission to live.

What seems a bit scary but exciting as well?
What beckons your soul and reminds you, “It’s time.”
What makes you want to retreat from it yet leap at its prospects?
It’s that idea that must at least
be attempted if you’re to feel proud of yourself.

Come on.  Let yourself go there.

Don’t limit your year to things already done, comfortably familiar or properly vetted.
Don’t “add water and stir” and emerge disappointed at how bland your life is.

Pull that wish from its hiding place.
Cradle it in your mind and visualize what it would create.
Imagine how you’d feel breaking your own mold.
Envision where it would take you and who’s there to meet you.
Embrace what means to others and what it does for them.

Your year stands in front of you
Expecting you to do something grand with it.

Make it so.

Risky Business

Bright Moments

Oh boy.

You’ve been thinking about something lately that you’d really like to do…but you haven’t.

It weighs on your mind, popping up at inopportune moments. You don’t dare concentrate on it too much, though, because that reminds you that you’re doing absolutely nothing about it.

You try to explain it away to yourself – as though you won’t immediately recognize how shallow your explanations are. Bottom line is that you’re afraid to take the risk. You don’t want to risk failure or risk being exposed or risk facing the truth or the consequences. So, instead, you wrap yourself in safety and begin to accept being adequate instead of being awesome.

That’s not really working very well for you, though, is it? Somehow, you haven’t been able to escape your disappointment in yourself.

So turn that around. Let’s get you through this. 

  • Name what you want to do. Be very specific.
  • Determine whether it’s hazardous. If it could cause you or others physical or emotional harm, pause and reconsider the value it holds for you. No danger? Move forward.
  • Assess what’s on the line. Are you putting a lot at risk with the possibility of only a small return? Are there a lot of factors you can’t control? “No” is your answer? Next step.
  • Close your eyes and picture yourself having success at it. See the benefits you’ll experience because of it. Write them down. Notice your mood. Isn’t that outcome worth your effort?
  • Now, envision yourself not taking the risk. What do you think of yourself? How is your attitude? Is this where you want to stay?
  • Break the risk into lesser tasks. It’s much easier to overcome your fear of taking-the-leap when you start with small activities and succeed.
  • Start right away. Just jump in. The more you contemplate it, the more hesitant you will become.
  • Understand that failure is a launch point. It is not the end. If a mishap occurs along the way, decipher what happened and apply that information in the next round. Let that so-called failure be a starting point for a higher quality outcome.

What’s important here is the sense of achievement you’ll have earned by taking the risk, the experience you’ll gain that’s a stepping stone to your next triumph, and the pride you’ll feel because you overcame your reluctance.

Go ahead. Take the risk. Your rewards are ahead.


Bright Moments

More than ever, it’s time to . . .


Believe you are a one-time-only occurrence.
Neither in history nor in the future will anyone have the DNA and ability to make your mark or create your legacy.

Believe your life’s purpose is ever-evolving. It becomes greater as you grow in wisdom and commitment.

Believe that nothing is too good to be true. It is your job not to doubt your blessings but, instead, to embrace them joyfully and with gratitude.

Believe the Universe is only concerned with your best interests. All else is fabrication that you can alter or dismiss.

Believe even when others do not. Once you have searched your soul for truth, stand up for it.

Believe that in each moment, new opportunities exist for you. See them and seize them. Nothing is static.

Believe in taking chances and crossing boundaries. It is only in doing so that you truly advance.

Believe that when you have exhausted all possibilities, you haven’t. Perseverance will prevail when something is important to you.

Believe you can make a difference. Your great work can change a mind, a community, a world.

Believe the best about others. Your faith, supported by action, will encourage their best to appear.

Believe people are watching you. Be the light they want to follow.

Believe that this moment is special and transformative. Beginning now – regardless of what has transpired before – your choices and actions can create the results you desire.

Believe in yourself.

This Time of Year

Bright Moments

This is a great time of year.

It is the one period during our twelve month calendar when people, in massive numbers, think rigorously about special things we can do for others.

We plan gathering after gathering with members of our tribes to laugh, play and boost one another. We change our environments to reflect glad tidings. We wish people well as we greet and depart from them. We seek occasions to do good for people we’ve never met.

It’s a great time of year . . . and one that should be sustained. As carols are tucked away and the last bit of champagne loses its fizz, those of us who lead should be thinking rigorously about the special things we can do for those who give us the honor of following and accompanying us.

We should already be instigating new celebrations for good efforts and great deeds. We should be shifting our environments to enhance our people’s successes, expressing our belief in them when we meet and our thanks to them when we depart.

Those of us who lead should be strengthening ourselves, fine tuning ourselves to embrace the wonders, blunders and opportunities that will escort the New Year. We will undoubtedly impact our tribes along with people we do not yet know.

This is a great time of year . . . to gain perspective, build ideas, rally resources and move forward. For though the calendar will return to this period twelve months from now, those who lead cannot afford to wait another year to deploy their unique sparkle and change the world for good.


Always, Thanks

Bright Moments

Today, you were granted another day of possibilities.
Give thanks.

You’ve had a thousand thoughts in the last hour alone.
Your brain is working.
Give thanks.

In the midst of all your flurry,
You have the chance to experience a breeze, a cloud, a flower.
Give thanks.

There are people who look forward to you showing up.
Give thanks.

You’ll have impact today on an idea, a plan,
a process or an implementation.
For that opportunity, give thanks.

You have friends to lean on and shoulders you stand on,
things to accomplish and the ability to do so.
Give thanks.

You have not gotten where you are alone.
You will not go where you’re going alone.
Give thanks.

You are so incredibly fortunate.
And so much more is on its way to you.
Perhaps you can take time now to do some small kindness,
For someone who would be grateful for the gesture.
And then, again, give thanks.

Listen . . . Believe . . . Start

Bright Moments

You know that success is on the other side of this,
But getting there is not always easy.

There’s that small voice inside that’s pushing you.
It’s not screaming, but it’s clamoring, restless, unwilling to settle.
You’ve paid attention to it, but not acted on it.
Squelching it, though, bothers you.
You’d feel better if you just started, but . . . .

You don’t have time, you say?
No, not true. You’d find the time if you re-prioritized things.
You don’t have the resources?
Also not true.
You know of at least one step you can take to gain access to what you need.

So what’s actually the problem?
You have to face it, you know.

Are you afraid? To fail? To succeed?
Must you to raise your game beyond your preference?
Will it take you too far into the unfamiliar?
Does its sheer potential overwhelm you?

Okay. Got it. That makes sense.
But here’s the better question:
Do you really want to let yourself down . . . again?
(Hold on! Don’t run from the question. Answer it!)

Of course you don’t want another disappointment!
You’d like to see how it would all turn out.
You’d like the possibility of feeling excited!
You’d like to know that you honestly did it.
Even more, you’d like to show yourself that you’re worth the effort.

So, imagine it now. Bring it out of hiding and look at it.
What is the first step you can take to make it happen?
And the second?
The next?
Now do it.

Getting started is your first success.

Your Following

Bright Moments

People will follow you because you have stature.
You have the look, the toys, the trappings.

People will want to be with you because you have the visibility.
Your title and ranking are seductive.

People will march with you because of your oratory.
Your words are smooth and your tone is infectious.

People will follow you
because they want to be led.

So, when you take notice and see that you are being followed
by people of whatever age, ability or station,
Be mindful that you have that power, that influence, that personality.

Understand that they look to you for direction – even purpose.
They hope that you’ll value their presence
as well as their contributions.
They want your good grace,
your consideration and your distinctive insights.

When people follow you,
It’s because you’re headed where they want to go.
Your job, then, is to make sure that everyone will benefit
when you all arrive.