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The Inner Circle…

We just have wonderful partners.  They’re smart, focused, enthusiastic professionals who have a single purpose:  to take their organizations to much higher levels of achievement.

Our customers are busy people at great companies.  They are executives, leaders and people advocates from for-profit and non-profit organizations.  They’re in the telecommunications, broadcast, newspaper, financial, legal and retail industries and span the major metropolitan centers of Washington, D.C., New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Orange County, Los Angeles and grand cities in-between.

We truly appreciate our partners.  They honor us through their trust, confidence, accomplishments and longevity.  We are also very proud of them.

Meet our partners:

  • In Their Own Words…

    The mission of the Emma Bowen Foundation is to prepare students of color for careers in the media industry. Helping students establish professional mentoring relationships is a key element of that preparation. Wrisë Booker designed and facilitated the Foundation’s Link Mentoring Initiative – a program which has received high praise from both mentors and mentees. Wrisë’s talents for mentoring, however, are not limited to young students – she is a sensitive and approachable coach for any executive who wishes to understand and embrace diversity as part of his or her corporate culture.

    Phylis Eagle-Oldson
    President & CEO
    Emma L. Bowen Foundation


    Reid Dugger is a valuable partner. During more than a decade of working together, they have strengthened the effectiveness of our leaders, designed leadership processes and communicated our diversity initiatives. Responsive and always professional, Reid Dugger delivers services that are unique, refreshing and of the highest quality.

    The staff of Reid Dugger listens to what the client says. More than a consultant, they are a partner. They involve the client, as much as the client desires, in the design and delivery of the service. They don’t just prescribe; they take the time and have the skills to understand the client’s needs and deliver services to fit their environment.

    Gerald Alcantar
    Vice President, Diversity Development
    Fox Entertainment Group


    As a mentor in one of Reid Dugger’s mentorship series, I was very impressed by the skills and expertise of the facilitator. She combined the right mix of instruction and activity and packaged them in a unique, effective delivery style. The program was results-based, motivational and a living example of the importance of developing people.

    Jim Beloyianis
    Katz TV Group


    Despite their best intentions, people are often sidetracked by agendas that keep them from staying on target with their diversity initiatives. Emotions cloud thinking and judgment. Old habits prevent moving forward. "Stuff" gets in the way.

    Wrisë Booker gives us the tools to deal with "the stuff in our head". She energized the Cable Telecommunications Human Resources Association's (CTHRA) diversity initiative and helped us focus on what we need to do.

    Carolyn C. Cason
    Stanton Chase International
    Former CTHRA Board of Directors


    It takes real talent to make someone look at themselves with honesty in the privacy of public scrutiny and make it fun. I will put Wrisë Booker in my personal board of directors for teaching me how to look at myself.

    This exchange is always a great opportunity to engage and begin the dialogue on issues that aren’t always brought up. It is a quick day but a great step to whole program.

    D. Knoiwski
    Workshop Participant




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