Motivational Speaking

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On Motivational Speaking…

There is a quiet place in each of us that just knows that we can do more, be more, and affect more if we just had a little…something.  It’s that thought, that yearning, that dream that wants to jump out of you and land where you can make a difference.  We all have this wish at some level, even though, at times, we don’t pay very close attention to it.

Reid Dugger’s work is consistently designed to tap into each person’s desire to achieve at increasingly higher levels and to put that desire to action.   Our rousing words, inspirational messages, and insightful activities stimulate people to think in new ways, interact with new perspectives, and incorporate new behaviors.  The effect is both exhilarating and profound.

Whether we are addressing hundreds at conferences or an intimate group of executives; speaking about leadership, mentoring, diversity or teams, we pay attention to the details that motivate.

With great intention, we:

  • Change the physical environment of a space to increase receptivity to ideas
  • Incorporate play into the event to boost learning, retention and community
  • Emphasize integrity, diligence and positive outcomes
  • Encourage discoveries, interaction and celebrations

Our purpose is to uplift.  Our effect is to excite.  The results are individuals, companies and communities that are moved and transformed.

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