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On Mentoring…

It’s really pretty simple.  When you have someone in your professional life whose primary focus with you is to develop your skills, your character and your options, guess what:  your life changes.

Mentoring is so much more than today’s fad. It’s a source for expanding your mind along with your perspective, for testing the waters before taking the leap, for building your concepts and contacts and confidence.  All of these things happen… whether you’re the protégé or the mentor.

We develop an amazing variety of mentoring initiatives nation-wide – all custom, all with huge success stories.  They range from one-to-one pairings, to group mentoring relationships.  They match the most senior executives with executives-on-the-rise, industry leaders with professional novices, and everywhere in-between. Our initiatives bring mentoring partners face-to-face, frequently in-person, but also across webcams and SkypeTM.

We don’t simply match the partners, we prepare them to work together productively:

  • setting goals
  • analyzing their behavioral styles
  • enhancing their communications and feedback skills
  • guiding mentors in techniques for developing their charges
  • teaching protégés how to cultivate the relationship
  • sharing anecdotes and strategies through mentors-only and protégés-only mastermind teams

We also keep an attentive eye on their progress.  Periodic interviews and online surveys allow partners to acknowledge their accomplishments and challenges, and to stay on task.

We structure success into our initiatives.  Particularly powerful are the elements we design to increase the protégé’s visibility and organizational impact.  They are unique and progressive.  With the mentor’s guidance, they change a protégé’s future.

Are you interested in starting or improving a mentoring initiative?  Let’s talk about it.  Contact us to set up a complimentary 45-minute consultation.  Share your circumstance. We’ll share some ideas.