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Listen . . . Believe . . . Start

Bright Moments

You know that success is on the other side of this,
But getting there is not always easy.

There’s that small voice inside that’s pushing you.
It’s not screaming, but it’s clamoring, restless, unwilling to settle.
You’ve paid attention to it, but not acted on it.
Squelching it, though, bothers you.
You’d feel better if you just started, but . . . .

You don’t have time, you say?
No, not true. You’d find the time if you re-prioritized things.
You don’t have the resources?
Also not true.
You know of at least one step you can take to gain access to what you need.

So what’s actually the problem?
You have to face it, you know.

Are you afraid? To fail? To succeed?
Must you to raise your game beyond your preference?
Will it take you too far into the unfamiliar?
Does its sheer potential overwhelm you?

Okay. Got it. That makes sense.
But here’s the better question:
Do you really want to let yourself down . . . again?
(Hold on! Don’t run from the question. Answer it!)

Of course you don’t want another disappointment!
You’d like to see how it would all turn out.
You’d like the possibility of feeling excited!
You’d like to know that you honestly did it.
Even more, you’d like to show yourself that you’re worth the effort.

So, imagine it now. Bring it out of hiding and look at it.
What is the first step you can take to make it happen?
And the second?
The next?
Now do it.

Getting started is your first success.