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On Leadership…

Some leaders are born…and they work hard to polish their natural gifts into skills.  Other leaders are not born with natural traits, but they work hard to gain the knowledge and experience that evolve into leadership strength.  There are two messages here:  leadership can be learned and, regardless of talent, excelling at it takes hard work.

Our leadership programs are thoughtfully designed to meet your specific needs.   We do not produce products so that “one size fits all.” It is important that our designs address the root issues that make the difference.  As a result, our conversation about your concerns has depth.  We’re interested in the goals you’re trying to achieve, your workplace environment and the dynamics it presents, and the people who influence your ability to change. With you, we determine optimal approaches, including on-site workshops, eye-opening assessments, virtual training, keynote speaking, and purposeful coaching.

Our services accelerate leadership capacity at all levels.  Senior executives often want to focus on:

  • Strengthening corporate culture
  • Cultivating rising executives
  • Maintaining trust
  • Improving cross-functional collaboration
  • Refining communication and coaching skills
  • Defining the legacy

Junior executives and high-potential leaders benefit from our work on:

  • Increasing influence
  • Empowering others
  • Listening
  • Leading change
  • Mentoring
  • Navigating office politics
  • Managing up
  • Networking
  • Building effective teams
  • Career pathing
  • Personal branding
  • Performance self-management
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Leadership is a mixture of knowledge, technique, art and heart.  Our services pay attention to them all.

Would you like to discuss your leadership challenges?  Take advantage of our complimentary 45-minute consultation.  We’ll listen, think, and offer practical ideas that you can act on right away.  Also be sure to request Our Gift to You, a chapter entitled, If You Want Us to Follow, LEAD!