Executive Coaching

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On Executive Coaching…

Do you want to plan or implement a strategy or a legacy?  Personal or business?  Are you trying to better understand your strengths and weaknesses?  Are you sure what qualifies as each?  Are you challenged by a circumstance, a co-worker or your boss?  Do you want perspective or alternative approaches?

Executive coaching is a uniquely personal experience that gets right to work on your goals.

Do you have the dilemma of a worker who outperforms the masses, but creates chaos in the process?  Are you preparing a fast-tracker who’s ready for more?  Is a new executive floundering in your organization’s unique culture?  Have changing times left a valued employee behind?

These are reasons why executive coaching is exactly the route to go.

There are times when group training, virtual learning, independent study and performance management simply aren’t the right vehicles for accomplishing transformation.  Instead, what’s required is the concentrated, one-to-one attention of a person who is part business guru, part counselor, part change agent, part accountability partner, and, always, entirely professional.  Your needs are multifaceted and our skills respond to them.

Reid Dugger’s coaching services bring a 3-way mirror into conversations.  The executive gets to observe his own behavior, have a glimpse of how others see him, and gain the perspective of assessment tools that place his behavior in the context of millions.  In that confidential and very personal environment, the executive comes face–to-face with what she wants, who she is, and what steps she must take in her business world to achieve her key objectives.  Our process helps executives:

  • Paint the vision that will guide their actions
  • See themselves through their colleagues’ eyes
  • Identify the strengths on which they should build
  • Assess their behavioral styles and strategize their best use
  • Understand the relationships they have and the ones they need to cultivate
  • Hone their leadership, management and team building skills
  • Separate tangled issues
  • Emerge with a plan and a sense of accomplishment

Executive coaching requires personal engagement.  It’s an opportunity to discover and exhibit high potential and accomplishment.

On what concerns would you like to focus?  We can begin to clarify that in a complimentary 45-minute consultation.  Call.  Your successes are waiting.