Diversity and Inclusion

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On Diversity and Inclusion…

Sometimes, the conversation is still hard, isn’t it? As well intentioned as we are, sometimes it’s still difficult to fully understand why “they” think, want or do differently from what “we” think, want or do. Embracing diversity and inclusion in our workplaces is not as simple or as easy as one might hope.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t intellectually “get it” from a marketing or customer service perspective. We know that if we don’t make special effort to appeal to certain groups, sales will falter in that community and, if we don’t tune-in to the buying habits of a people, they simply may not buy. We get that. What we don’t quite get is why they don’t think that our way is perfectly acceptable as is and follow our process – since, after all, it works.

The team at Reid Dugger Consulting Group has spent over 25 years helping people understand and remove “we-they” thinking. By the way, it’s probably occurred to you that “we” and “they” are interchangeable and can be of any race, either gender, any orientation and any level of ability or age. Both “we” and “they” pop up across company departments, and certainly among people with different points of view.

The problem with “we-they” thinking, especially when it’s something that we don’t want to admit, is that it wields great influence on our strategic business behaviors. The results? Our planning processes limit a thorough look at the productive implications of diversity, our management and leadership ranks lack truly diverse participation, and our interactions and information-sharing include some of us much more often than others of us.

You recognize these scenarios, right?

Reid Dugger’s work gives organizations a path for decreasing “we-they” behaviors and endorsing diversity and inclusion. We spotlight the root of diversity angst and illustrate its organizational impact. We then focus on the systems, attitudes and behaviors that turn the “we” into a larger, inclusive group and “they” significantly diminish in number. Our techniques are thought-provoking, powerful, rallying and uplifting.

As usual, our services in this area are designed to tackle your specific concerns. You can imagine, though, some of the rewarding results that come from:

  • Members-only focus groups, where employees reflecting particular populations – to name a few, all-female, all-Latino, all-under 35, all-LGBTQ, and/or all-white male, – share their workplace perspectives and experiences
  • Detailed surveys which capture attitudes about diversity initiatives and expectations
  • Workshops that get to the heart of cross-cultural communication, conflict and collaboration; of management blockages that impede success, and of unexpected dynamics that affect career mobility
  • Open forums among targeted groups to discuss strategies for overcoming existing barriers
  • Strategic planning processes that result in goals, accountability systems and wide-scale action

The conversation doesn’t have to remain hard. It can be lively and eye-opening, educational and well worth it.

Would you like to talk about your diversity initiatives? Contact us. A 45-minute consultation is free. It’s important that we get these conversations going and succeed at them!