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Bright Moments

More than ever, it’s time to . . .


Believe you are a one-time-only occurrence.
Neither in history nor in the future will anyone have the DNA and ability to make your mark or create your legacy.

Believe your life’s purpose is ever-evolving. It becomes greater as you grow in wisdom and commitment.

Believe that nothing is too good to be true. It is your job not to doubt your blessings but, instead, to embrace them joyfully and with gratitude.

Believe the Universe is only concerned with your best interests. All else is fabrication that you can alter or dismiss.

Believe even when others do not. Once you have searched your soul for truth, stand up for it.

Believe that in each moment, new opportunities exist for you. See them and seize them. Nothing is static.

Believe in taking chances and crossing boundaries. It is only in doing so that you truly advance.

Believe that when you have exhausted all possibilities, you haven’t. Perseverance will prevail when something is important to you.

Believe you can make a difference. Your great work can change a mind, a community, a world.

Believe the best about others. Your faith, supported by action, will encourage their best to appear.

Believe people are watching you. Be the light they want to follow.

Believe that this moment is special and transformative. Beginning now – regardless of what has transpired before – your choices and actions can create the results you desire.

Believe in yourself.