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On Assessment…

From good to great.  Isn’t that the direction you’d like to see yourself moving on all fronts?  Not only would you have a clearer understanding of yourself, but you’d also know the impact that you have on other people and situations.

If you consider yourself a go-getter, for example, someone who is very focused and works hard to get the job done quickly, you’re probably pleased when that task is finished, if only because you can then deal with the next project you’ve been juggling.  Then, with tenacity, you repeat the process.  Though it may pass momentarily, there’s an exhilaration that comes from checking duties off the list and racking up points, right?  You’re poetry in motion.

Might it surprise you to know, though, that the very skillful approach you use to getting things done can cause not only serious stress but reduced productivity in others?  While you might simply urge them to amp up and do things your successful way, they are not likely to do so willingly.  Their different approaches work equally well for them and adapting your style is not only difficult, it’s dysfunctional. Can you predict what happens in these situations?  Have you already experienced it?

From good to great, remember?  That’s what you want for yourself.  That’s what you should also want for your team.

Individual and group assessments provide you with a foundation for achieving greatness.  Whether the tools are examining your behavioral styles; your leadership, managerial and team effectiveness; or your communications and sales techniques; assessments result in information that is actionable.

Picture the day when you and your teams not only consciously understand different work styles and techniques, but they also use that knowledge to get the highest possible results from themselves and each other.  A leader’s dream, right?

Reid Dugger can speed the arrival of that day.  We:

  • Offer an array of online assessment instruments for individuals and teams
  • Conduct individual coaching sessions to provide astute detail about assessment results
  • Facilitate workshops and webinars that raise the consciousness and competence of teams regarding their work together, whether the teams are new or seasoned
  • Lead train-the-trainer sessions in order to strengthen the organization through local knowledge of the instruments and their application

There is wisdom in gaining as much insight as you can to your own behavior as well as your colleagues’.  Go for greatness.

Your complimentary 45-minute consultation with us could be a briefing on an assessment that you sampled.  Contact us.  You’ll be intrigued and enlightened!