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Always, Thanks

Bright Moments

Today, you were granted another day of possibilities.
Give thanks.

You’ve had a thousand thoughts in the last hour alone.
Your brain is working.
Give thanks.

In the midst of all your flurry,
You have the chance to experience a breeze, a cloud, a flower.
Give thanks.

There are people who look forward to you showing up.
Give thanks.

You’ll have impact today on an idea, a plan,
a process or an implementation.
For that opportunity, give thanks.

You have friends to lean on and shoulders you stand on,
things to accomplish and the ability to do so.
Give thanks.

You have not gotten where you are alone.
You will not go where you’re going alone.
Give thanks.

You are so incredibly fortunate.
And so much more is on its way to you.
Perhaps you can take time now to do some small kindness,
For someone who would be grateful for the gesture.
And then, again, give thanks.