Better Yet

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Better Yet

Bright Moments

Why don’t we treat ourselves better?
(Uh oh. This isn’t like most Bright Moments. Are you ready?)

Even when we know that an action will make our day, change our circumstance or achieve our goal, we sit there, thinking about all of its merits and opportunities, ins and outs, and yet still do nothing.

What’s that about?

Are we so convinced that even if we try, we’ll fail and be right back in the same place? Are we just tired of making the effort and wish, instead, that a miracle will plop what we want in our laps?

Well, until the miracle arrives, here are some things you can do. Warning: You might not like these recommendations. They’re pretty frank.

  • Quit allowing yourself to feel pitiful. It doesn’t look well on you, work well for you or help you move the dime.
  • Figure out what the real issue is . . . and don’t lull yourself into believing it’s all that stuff that you’ve been telling others. You know: the I don’t have…, the They didn’t tell me . . . , the I don’t know where to get . . . . All that may be true, but it’s not the truth of your lack of action.

Yikes! Can’t I get a break?

You can. And you can give it to yourself. You can admit that:  I’m afraid . . . I’m not confident . . . It’s so hard . . . I don’t think I deserve . . . I’m at wit’s end.  From here – from the truth – you automatically get a fighting chance to achieve your goal. You can look at your fear and identify a tiny step you’ll take toward facing it . . . and then another tiny step. You can determine why you lack confidence and confidently tell yourself that what you need is already within you. It really is. You can acknowledge what’s hard and then break the process into manageable little pieces to get through it all. There is a path. You can admit that you don’t know it all – or much at all, if that’s the case – and seek your guru and ask for help.

You see, here’s the deal. We all experience what you’re going through. Does that make it easier in your mind? Perhaps not. What it does do, though, is let you know that somebody you know has felt what you feel and overcome it. They might have a word or two of wisdom for you.

First, though, you have to decide to treat yourself better than you have to-date. Better than you’ve felt you’ve earned. Better than someone told you that you deserved. Better than you’ve imagined. And guess what the real, fabulous, wonderful miracle will be?

On all levels, you will be better yet.