Year of Expectation

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Year of Expectation

Bright Moments

A year stands in front of you:  fresh, expectant and alive.
It’s ready to produce things that have never been,
Eager to sponsor risks that have yet to be taken.

So, what will you do with your year?

Abandon, for the moment, your promises to exercise more, eat better and play harder.
Do those things but put thoughts of them aside for now.

Instead, focus on what will make your spirit soar and your heart pound.
What will make you know that you’re living a worthwhile life?
What will leave you confident that you stepped up, performed passionately and landed with impact?

It’s already in you.
You just have to give it permission to live.

What seems a bit scary but exciting as well?
What beckons your soul and reminds you, “It’s time.”
What makes you want to retreat from it yet leap at its prospects?
It’s that idea that must at least
be attempted if you’re to feel proud of yourself.

Come on.  Let yourself go there.

Don’t limit your year to things already done, comfortably familiar or properly vetted.
Don’t “add water and stir” and emerge disappointed at how bland your life is.

Pull that wish from its hiding place.
Cradle it in your mind and visualize what it would create.
Imagine how you’d feel breaking your own mold.
Envision where it would take you and who’s there to meet you.
Embrace what means to others and what it does for them.

Your year stands in front of you
Expecting you to do something grand with it.

Make it so.