Your Following

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Your Following

Bright Moments

People will follow you because you have stature.
You have the look, the toys, the trappings.

People will want to be with you because you have the visibility.
Your title and ranking are seductive.

People will march with you because of your oratory.
Your words are smooth and your tone is infectious.

People will follow you
because they want to be led.

So, when you take notice and see that you are being followed
by people of whatever age, ability or station,
Be mindful that you have that power, that influence, that personality.

Understand that they look to you for direction – even purpose.
They hope that you’ll value their presence
as well as their contributions.
They want your good grace,
your consideration and your distinctive insights.

When people follow you,
It’s because you’re headed where they want to go.
Your job, then, is to make sure that everyone will benefit
when you all arrive.