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Bright Moments

Your character should never be a question.

When people think about you,
there should be no doubt about whether you’ll
do the right thing, take the high road,
or make the strong effort when it matters.

No one should wonder whether you’ll
steal their ideas, take their credit or poach their relationships.
Not even a little bit.

There isn’t a gray area here.
You block your own opportunities when you compromise your character.
If no one else knows what you’ve done, you still do.
That knowledge chips away at your sense of self-worth
and informs you that you’re not entitled
to those riches with your name on them.
Your behavior becomes distorted from the normal you:
You become outlandish or defeated, neither of which serves you well.

Your character needs to be above reproach,
primarily for you.
And, yes, the higher ground often requires the harder choices.
Sometimes you’ll have to speak your mind or your heart,
You’ll have to take the less popular action.
You’ll have to dispense with the drama intended to distract.
You’ll have to suspend judgment so that you can hear.

But the benefits are tremendous.
For you, there’s the tranquility of knowing
that you’re being the very best person you can be.
For others, there’s having your courage and stature to model.
For all, there’s recognition that
the world is better because of your presence.