Out with the Old

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Out with the Old

Bright Moments


This is not about the promises you’ve made to launch the New Year,
as wonderful as they may be.

This is about giving closure to the unresolved issues of 2012.

That “stuff” can clutter your path, you know . . .
tripping you on the way to your new goals.

It tugs you to “come back,” to become entangled again. You close your eyes, drop your head and sigh at the thought, feeling your energy drain almost immediately. The issues are too complicated/time-consuming/irritating/irrelevant/boring/however-else-you’d-describe-it. They consume your oxygen. You know these, right? Has the tug already begun?

Your ability to move forward with long, light strides requires that you relieve yourself of the nagging load. Your spirit needs the room to leap, unburdened by, well, stuff. So deal with it – but on new terms.

Decide that this is the time that you will step face-to-face with each issue, this is the time that they will stop haunting you because this is that time when you will take control. You will no longer be at their whim or subject to their exasperating impact.

Put the issue in perspective and in its place:

Name it . . . NOW.
(Don’t run. Dodging the issue simply gives it license to visit you again.)

What is it that you wish could be resolved as quickly as humanly possible?

Okay. What would it do for you if this issue were behind you?

What else?

So be it. What one thing can you do right away to get the ball rolling?
(It doesn’t have to be momentous; just one small effort in the right direction.)

When that’s done, what should you do next?

You know this drill. It’s one step at a time, pushing yourself to do the next single thing that’s required. A point will come when one step is too slow and your desire to get the thing done will create momentum. Intensity will kick in when you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe you just saw that light.
Take it as a sign that dealing with the issues
won’t be as bad as you thought.

Get started. Feel good about doing so.
It clears your path for a great New Year.

Here’s to Resolutions!