Give Praise

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Give Praise


Seriously, do you really want to make a difference?
Do you want to change the course of events?
It is totally within your power!

All you have to do is:

Show up with praise! 

In your office, among your friends, within your family and across the globe, the

#1 Motivator of People is Praise

Do you want people feel better and be better?
Do you want them to be attracted to you and support you?

Praise generously!

And while people appreciate hearing, “You did a good job. Thanks,” these statements are not nearly as impactful as they could be. There are specific steps that, together, are far more powerful. Take a look. More, try them out with someone in the next hour.


As soon after you observe the positive event as possible (even if it was last week), approach the person using her name.
With very specific language, describe the good thing that she did.

Explain the impact that her behavior had on you, on the project, on the team or on the company, again, in detailed terms.

Encourage her to do more of this and similar behaviors.
Thank her and, once again, use her name.

(Quick tip: This works equally well with men!) 

This technique will trigger several positive mental and emotional responses in the recipient. Imagine the silent dialogue in her head: Wow! I didn’t realize you were paying that close attention. I’m glad you noticed me. You think what I did had that effect? How nice! I hoped my efforts would matter and, from what you say, they did. Do this again? You bet! I like what’s being said to me here. Wow. He’s sincere. The smile and “Thank you” you’ll hear in response won’t begin to match the impression you just made and the renewed energy she’ll give to her tasks.

Why not become known as the person who regularly offers clear, authentic, amazing praise? Imagine how that will position you. Imagine how people will want to show you their best. Imagine what a source for good you will become up, down and across the ladder. Imagine how good you’ll feel.

Show up with praise today. There are a lot of people waiting to hear it!

Show Up!

Bright Moments

How do you show up?

When you re-trace your steps from yesterday, from waking up until the end of the day, what did you do?

You are accountable for your impact.

If others share your household, did you interact with them in a way that left no doubt that you’re glad they live with you?

When you walked into work, was there a strut in your step, or at least a bounce, that announced that you were in charge of your day?

Your confidence is contagious.

Did you enter that meeting with conviction, committed to offering at least one good idea and to praising an idea offered by somebody else?

Your approach is one that others model.

When you heard someone struggling with a concept or problem, did you stop to give them a sounding board or a path to new understanding?

Your paying attention affirms their importance.

When you saw conflict wreaking havoc on a relationship that is interdependent, did you intervene and facilitate a solution?

Your courage is powerful.

When you observed someone at life’s low point, did you suspend judgment, recognize your good fortune, and extend a hand or kind word?

Your compassion generates hope.

How you show up matters. Don’t fool yourself: your day is not inconsequential. You make an imprint on everyone in your presence.

What will you do today?