My “Promise”

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My “Promise”

Take five minutes.  You’re entitled to a break.  Find a quiet place to sit, think and write.  Shut the door, escape the noises, close the blinds, if you must.  No interruptions allowed.  Quiet.  Five minutes.

One of the reasons you walk this planet is to fulfill your promise.  That’s the action that you and only you can do because it’s done in your individual way.  Answer the following questions. You’ll get closer to defining or confirming your very special promise.

  • If I did this one thing, I would feel that I really, really, (really) mattered . . . .

(Think beyond the experiences of being an outstanding parent,
partner, child or employee. Focus more singly on your interests.)

  • Wouldn’t it be great if I could . . . ?

(This describes something that frequently and spontaneously
enters your mind or is a new and compelling interest.)

  • I would love to do something that has this result or impact . . . .
  • Based on what I’ve said so far, here, my “promise” might be connected to . . . .
  • Here’s one thing I can do to test that idea . . . .

Your timing for fulfilling your promise is clearly up to you.  But wouldn’t it be ideal to start now?

May you continue to have Bright Ideas!


Look at your thumb,

the soft, fleshy part.

Notice the swirl of ridges.

If you run a fingernail down them,

You can feel how distinct they are.

Your thumbprint.

There is no one else . . .

never in the past, not in the present, nor ever in the future

. . . with your unmistakable thumbprint.

No one else can leave your mark.

There’s something that you are yet to do in your life that can only be done by you, only in your way.  It’s your promise. You’ve probably sensed it:  an idea that’s hovering, a desire that’s pushing, a voice that’s nagging.  Sometimes your promise screams to be freed and, other times, it cowers, afraid.  Sound familiar?

I’m not able to pull it off, you say.  I don’t have the skills, the position, the money, the confidence, the youth, the maturity, the track record, the support, the stamina, the vision, the…well, the list is long.  But guess what?  None of that is true.  You have all of what you need to complete your promise.  Every last bit of it.  Right now, you have the means to figure out each detail, the capacity to obtain every resource, and the personal magic to make it real.  Don’t look for someone else to do what’s yours to do. Your promise won’t – can’t – come through your child, your neighbor, your boss, or your friend.  If you don’t do it, quite simply, it will never be done.  So what if you have to stretch yourself, or leap beyond comfort, or abandon negative self-talk, or find your courage.  It still must be done!  Remember, this is your promise; your mark is at stake!

Have the audacity to actually believe in your greatness. Ignite your spirit and put it to work.  Require yourself to find the best path, give your top effort, and power through to the finish.  As for your inevitable excuses?  Recognize them for what they are, decipher how you’re using them to benefit you, resolve that you no longer want them, and give them the boot.  Your promise is far too important to be quashed.  It’s something that can change everything because it’s never been done and can never be replicated.  Isn’t that incredible?

Now, the task is yours.   It’s your thumbprint.  Where will you leave it?

Wishing you Bright Moments!